PVC boots

Ensuring the comfort of the feet with the right slippers

Plastic boots are a type of work shoes that have a larger size than normal shoes and it is very necessary to use them in various jobs. For example, cheap safety boots can be used in jobs where people are exposed to water or moisture while working. The use of cheap safety boots ensures that water does not penetrate the feet and the feet are not damaged by moisture.​​​​​​​​

About the truth:

Rasti Roo shoe production, a production offering plastic slippers products with a hand-made machine, started working for the first time in 1369 with the perseverance and activity of Kazem Rasti.
This small production was able to become one of the largest factories of slippers and plastic boots in Iran during several decades of activity.​​​​​​

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Qom, Kashan Road, after the Jamkaran tee, alley No. 29 of the Fars Gulf, at the end of the alley 2, the last door of the right shoe.​​​​

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